getting the most from your charitable donationI was recently involved in the sourcing of donations for the Silent Auction at my local primary school trivia night. Whilst I was overwhelmed by the number and quality of donations received, I was surprised at the number of companies that didn’t make the most of the opportunity to gain more exposure for their business. I realise many companies probably just used the opportunity to do a good deed and maybe clear some of their discontinued or deleted stock from their warehouse. As a marketing professional I saw the missed opportunities to leverage more business. Following I have put together my top 5 tips to get the most out of your charitable donation:

  1. Offer samples with your donation – People like to touch and feel a product. There is no point offering a gift voucher if the people attending the event don’t even know what your product looks like. Supply the organisers with some samples for display or make up a display sheet with products shots.
  2. Offer a promotion code – Why not use the opportunity to gain as much exposure as possible by offering everyone involved in the event a special promotional discount. Ask the organisers to distribute flyers with a special promotional code to all attendees to be redeemed in person or online.
  3. Logo with web address – Most event organisers are happy to acknowledge your support of their event by including your logo in material to promote the event, given to attendees or on an electronic presentation. Have a special logo designed that includes your web address. This will make it easier for people to find your business after the event.
  4. Social Media – Ask the organisers to acknowledge your support via social media. Get them to tag your social media account in the post or take a photo of you handing over the donation that can be uploaded.
  5. Advertise your support – It is no point donating your time or products to charitable causes unless you advertise that support. Use social media and your client communications to advise current and prospective clients of the great work you are doing in the community.

Supporting charitable causes can not only raise your credibility amongst your current clients but can be a great way to get your product or service in front of hundreds or thousands of prospective new clients.


get the most from your charitable donationsCindy Parker, B.Bus Marketing Consultant, Four P’s Marketing Solutions

Cindy Parker combines 18 years of marketing experience with a Bachelor of Business degree to help small/medium business owners maximise their profit. Cindy has worked in the marketing departments of Australian owned and multinational companies within the Medical, IT, Financial Services and Beauty industries.

Four P’s Marketing Solutions assists small business with easy and cost effective marketing activities including website text , PR activities, powerful promotions, plus logical and easy to implement marketing advice.

For further information, contact:

Cindy Parker | Ph 0417 035 007 | Email

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Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

Va Va Voom is an graphically appealing workbook/how to guide that has been written for those who are considering a career as a Virtual Assistant (VA) or who are already running a VA business and are not sure how to take it to the next level. It is written by Rosie Shilo, who runs one of the most widely respected Virtual Assistance and Training networks in Australia.

virtual assistant manual / workbookHaving established myself as a VA 12 months ago, following many years in sales and marketing and running my own businesses it was not a book I had on my must read list but it did give me further insights and I enjoyed reading it. I would consider it a “must read” for anyone considering establishing themselves as a VA. I particularly liked the modularity of the book. Read a section, absorb the lovely images and complete the workbook section to personalize the information. It would also work as a how to work from home as a “mumpreneur” book.

There are great tips throughout the book from people who are working in the Australian industry and it realistically addresses even the tough issues involved in establishing a work from home business.

At only $28 this book is a worthwhile investment for anyone starting a work from home business and a must have for those looking at becoming a Virtual Assistant.

virtual assistant manual / workbookA little more on Rosie Shilo, Virtually Yours

Rosie Shilo is the owner of the widely renown Virtual Assistant Network, Virtually Yours, a network for over 150 Australian Virtual Assistants. This passionate woman who has been described many times as ‘awesome’ is a true asset to the Virtual Assistant industry and her desire to see the industry grow and develop shines through in everything she does.

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virtual assistant manual / workbookReviewed by Louise Kerr, Dynamic Virtual Assistance

Dynamic Virtual Assistance provides a customised executive assistance service to busy professionals, especially those who work alone providing services to clients. Giving them back time in their day to concentrate on improving their service or to take much needed family or personal time.

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The giveaway:

This gorgeous hardcopy book includes heaps of advice about setting up your virtual assistant business and what to consider to ensure you are working with the right clients and getting them to LOVE you for your AWESOMENESS!

It is a book and manual in one – activities are included to help you along the way. Feedback and tips from many business owners are included so you know EXACTLY what they are looking for in an awesome VA! Valued at $36.30.

For your chance to win, simply comment on the blog on why you absolutely have to win this by Friday 19 September 2014.


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I attended a great conference on Monday – the Artful Business Conference.

I was insanely excited as the speaker line-up was crazy good – all my biz crushes in one room at one time – Karen Gunton of build a little biz, Denise Duffield-Thomas of Lucky Bitch, Lisa Messenger of Collective Magazine, Valerie Khoo and Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery.

L- R Karen Gunton, Lisa Messenger, Elle Roberts (Conference founder), Kelly (Conference crew), Julia Bickerstaff, moi!

During the breaks I was like a stealthy leopard, stalking and tracking them all down to introduce myself, have a great chat and tell them what I loved about each of them. I did this for two reasons:

  1. To start/develop a relationship that could lead to…well, anything really! Maybe working together in the future, maybe cross-promotion or maybe just knowing someone fab in the same Industry as me.
  2. So they knew about me and what I do in the hope that they liked me/my business enough that they might refer to me in a social media shout out or even refer others to me. Or start a relationship that might lead to this in the future.

However, when I looked around during one of the breaks I noticed that many of the women at the event had returned to their tables with their morning tea and they continued to do this in every break. Not many were approaching the speakers.

I was surprised. Especially as during her talk Denise had said that people who tended to be lucky were those that reached out and connected with new people and built their networks, thus expanding on the possibility of opportunities.

Julia had also made an important point – that business owners were not nearly rigorous enough about Marketing their business, that it should happen on a daily basis.

And I whole-heartedly agree. If you aren’t shaking hands with people and telling them about your business then that’s one less person in the world that knows about you. So don’t ever let the opportunity pass you by – especally when it’s one of your biz heroes.

Cheers! Alli x

p.s. if you wish you could network with confidence – check out this blog I wrote a while back x


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Excerpt from “Branding Yourself For Success” by Ramona Lever

Your Profile pics have to capture the personal brand you want to communicate. You MUST have professional headshots if you’re serious about your business. If you can’t invest in yourself why should your clients? Here’s my advice on getting great images of yourself to use for all your social media.

branding1. Make sure you are booking a photographer that specialises in headshots. Many photographers are shooting weddings and events and headshots on the side to create more income. Seek out an expert photographer that knows about Personal Branding so they can capture your unique personality.

2. Talk to the photographer before your session, send emails or upload images you love. Convey your message across to them. Be clear about your brand. Are you fun, quirky, the quiet type?

3. If you’re having a photo shoot because you need a variety of images for your website – work out whether you need them to be shot in landscape or portrait.

4. Tell the photographer if you need blank space for graphics and text.

5. Bring along any props needed – i-pads, phones, laptops etc.

6. I recommend you have your make-up and hair styled by a professional for your shoot. All professional branding photographers should have their own team on hand to make you look and feel amazing.

7. Bring more outfits than you need for your photo shoot sometimes certain colours / shapes just don’t work. Having backup outfits have saved the day in my studio.


Lastly and most importantly do some research before your photo shoot. The more informed you are the better you can control the outcome. When choosing your photographer look at their work to confirm you like their style and their ability to capture great headshots. Have a chat with them to make sure you connect and if you have any questions get them out before you book in. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience.


Ramona Lever

Intuitive Photographer | Personal Bragging Mentor | Lover of Life 

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This post brought to you by

Biz Card by Renae Howard

Biosis Biz Card by Renae Howard

1. Keep business cards to a standard size. Cute little cards get lost! Renae Howard, GOSHCreative

2. Don’t get caught up in a fancy design. Make sure your contact details are clear and obvious. Sharon Westin-Shaw, Sharon Westin-Shaw Graphic Design

3. Before sending to print proof read every word and every number very carefully, then do it again, then get someone else to proof it too. Clare Blackstock, Blade Creative

4. Keep the details about who you are and what you do short and sweet, a business card is not a flyer but a means to connect directly with you. Emma Thurlow, Marks and Tales

5. Include a tag line or a short description that says exactly what it is that your business does. Carmen Payne, InkPink Design

The giveaway: are giving away 3 x vouchers worth £50 (AU$ 90). The voucher can be used to purchase anything on the website, including delivery. To enter, comment below on what you would love to hand to people as a business card, if paper didn’t exist!

Arabian Bits Biz Card by Clare Blackstock

Arabian Bites Biz Card by Clare Blackstock

About Moo: MOO offers a wide range of print solutions for creative business owners and bloggers. Established in the UK, MOO supplies printed products around the world. Prices start at £4.29 (AU$ 7.70) for a StickerBook

Terms and Conditions:

  • The name of the promotion is: MOO Print competition
  • The promoter is Motivating Mum in conjunction with MOO
  • Employees, immediate family members, retailers, suppliers, associated companies and agencies are not eligible to enter.
  • The giveaway will close on Thu, Sept 4 at 12am. Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
  • This is a game of skill. The winner will be awarded based on the strength of their answer to the question above.
  • The prize will be in the form of product which will be sent to the winner once address details have been provided after the competition has closed.
  • The results of the giveaway will be published on this site on Fri, Sept 5 and winners will be emailed.
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable
  • The total prize value AU$270
  • The competition is open to Australian residents only.
  • If for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control the agreed prize is not available a product of equal or greater value will be provided.
  • The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner.


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