This post brought to you by Nicky Leonti, Mindful Mumma Project

As a busy mum raising children and building an online business, I find it challenging to take care of myself and keep up with a social life (does Facebook count?). With 2 children under 3 I was constantly feeding through the nights, being pulled at in all directions but totally excited to spend every spare second on building my business. I was exhausted.

step away from your businessAs my business is all about being in touch with my feminine side and listening to my body, I really grounded myself and carved out a gorgeous morning routine for myself and implemented the ‘Email Law’ for myself. The Email Law is that I can check my emails twice a day and that’s it. When I check them I respond and move or delete. These two things help create some balance in my life.

I started to feel great. I had more time to, you guessed it, to work on my business!

After a few more months like this my business was becoming stagnant. My ‘aha’ moment came when I was speaking to a friend about some current news and I had not even heard about this major incident that had happened down the road. I realised I had created a comfortable little bubble that included me, my business and my family.

I needed to get out of it ASAP!

I started scheduling in fun stuff that I enjoyed before children and before business such as beach swimming, watching movies without my laptop on my lap, strolls around the lake with the kids and stopping to look for lizards and pick flowers. Real fun stuff.

On the business front, my business began to thrive!

From me stepping away from my business for a little while;

1. I gained fresh new ideas – by being out and socialising again, reading news articles, giving myself a break I came up with amazing ideas to improve my business and give more value for my clients.

2. I was less tense – by being less tense when I was working I was able to see new avenues that I wasn’t exploring and I became more organised to follow through with different leads.

3. I had extra energy – by not being tied to my laptop all the time I had extra energy which meant that when I was working I was more focused and was able to give 100% for everything I was doing.

Why not schedule mini-breaks into your week to give yourself some breathing space. This can help you, your family and your business!

stepping away from your business


Nicky Leonti is the creator of Mindful Mumma Project where she supports you in listening to your feminine side whilst create the life you want with kids.

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Kids and business and home and family – it’s tough balancing it all, isn’t it. And then there’s the challenges of affording care for the littlies while you do your best to earn money for the business.

But what if you don’t have the money? Or aren’t ready to let go of your littlie yet? Or you already have them two days in care but can’t afford any more?

Well, my lovely VA/admin & marketing chickie, Sam of Sam Says and I have hit on a brilliant plan – co-working with kids!


We meet once a fortnight at my house, set our computers up next to each other and while our kiddies play for a few hours – we power through our work.

The benefits?

  1. we get loads done
  2. we don’t feel guilty plopping our kids in front of the TV as they’re playing with a friend
  3. as we also work together in business we can have an exchange of ideas and catch up on where we’re both at
  4. we don’t spend any money on care.


So what do you need to co-work with kids?

  1. kids that get along!
  2. wi fi so your co-worker can log on to the internet
  3. enough space in the house so you can both set up a study/work area

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your business friends or maybe shout on FB and find a new friend to start co-working with.

Cheers! Alli x

p.s. Like other tips on multi-tasking? Click the link for a great article by Aerlie Wildy x

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Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

We created a business plan when we started, that I thought I was sticking to, but it was getting fuzzy around the edges. Truth is I had not referred to it in a while. I was so busy working in my business I just didn’t seem to have time to do much planning. I felt like I was always working on today or tomorrow, not for next year.

bizplantastic workbook coverGoing through BIZPLANTASTIC was a great way to review my business plan again, in a very specific, focused way. The guide helped me get into the head space where I took a look at the big picture and then step by step it guided me on how to break that down to projects and tasks.

It didn’t take me long to start scribbling all through the print outs and I have ripped out one of the quotes for my wall. I have a monthly plan and a year overview. When I look at these plans I feel like I’m in control of where I’m going. . One of my new monthly tasks is a quick revisit to the BIZPLANTASTIC guide and a review of my vision and plans.

business planning toolA little more on Karen Gunton, Build a Little Biz

Karen Gunton is a writer, teacher and image creator. Her passion is helping women in biz get unstuck and shine online.  She runs online workshops and classes on visual marketing and visual content creation to teach biz owners how to easily create their own images for marketing their business in a way that will stand out from the crowd.

business planning toolReviewed by Helle Warming, Lucas loves cars

Do you know a boy that loves cars and trucks? At Lucas loves cars we make it easy to find something he will love. We have a large range of wooden cars, toy trucks, books, puzzles, clothing, hats, bags and a whole lot more.

The giveaway

BIZPLANTASTIC is the business plan for dreamers and doers. It is the perfect mix of instruction, ideas, inspiration, and flexibility: your biz, your plan, your way. Planning will help you take your vision and make it a reality, and that is what i really want for you.

We are giving away 3 x copies of the BIZPLANTASTIC ebook, valued at $33 each. For your chance to win a free BIZPLANATSTIC ebook, simply comment on the blog below on what you find hardest about planning for your business? Please post all comments by this Friday 4th April 2014.

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Just in time for End of Financial Year, I am giving away a 30 min phone mentoring with one of my amazing Biz Mum mentors, Sarah Willoughby of Willoughbys Finance Taxation & Accounting.

She has many years experience in the world of finance so would be just amazing for a chat to get your questions answered on tax, business structure, accounting systems and more! You can read more on Sarah and her mentoring by clicking the link.

mentoring for women

Continue reading

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This post brought to you by Sonal Moore of Moore + Moore IP

Lesson 1: choose the right name

The Internet means the chance to reach lots of potential customers. But, there’s a catch. Other companies, both in Australia and overseas, and potential competitors can also find you. Over the past few years, since the rise of the “mumpreneur” I have seen a number of small businesses go through considerable angst because of the name they chose.

A name has to be catchy, distinctive, reflect your product/service and image, last the test of time, be capable of being protected and most importantly, not infringe someone else’s rights.

trademarksBefore you decide on a name, do some general Google and phone directory searches to make sure that your name isn’t already being used in Australia. Then there are three registers you should search:

The trade marks register – a registered trade mark gives proprietary rights to its owner. It is an asset which, over time, will acquire goodwill and earn you money when you sell the business. You must check that the name you want will not infringe another person’s registered trade mark. If the Register is clear, then you can consider registering your name as a trade mark. Make sure it’s distinctive as descriptive names can’t be registered. It may seem a bit expensive but once your name is registered no one can use that or a similar name.

The business names register – unless the name is your personal name you will need it registered as a business name. Registering a business name gives no ownership rights to the name.

The domain name register – ideally, your name will form your business’s domain name so that people can find you more easily.

The Motivating Mum website is a great example where “motivating mum” is part of a registered trade mark, a business name and the domain name.

When things go wrong – big companies are getting more aggressive about protecting their names and generally have a lot more money to fight with than small mum businesses. A couple of years ago, and it was a story on Channel 7’s Today Tonight program, a mother started a kid’s fashion label called Zara & Lily with the logo .


She received a letter of demand from the Spanish fashion house Zara complaining about the use of “Zara” even though Zara and Lily were the names of her two children. She decided to give up the name and is now Peach + Pear Kids – which I think is actually better and she doesn’t run the risk of her kids hating her when they are teenagers for using their names.

trademarksBut according to the news reports the owner was “left with $50,000 worth of stock in her garage she can’t sell under the Zara and Lily name – not to mention two years of goodwill, a website, a logo and a small business that was just starting to turn a profit.”

Registering a mark – anyone can register a mark but there are hidden traps and it is often worthwhile seeking advice about whether the name you want can be used without infringing someone else’s rights and whether it can be registered.


Sonal Moore of Moore+Moore IP is a mother of two almost grown up daughters and has been advising in the intellectual property area for 30 years. Her firm has no website (because there are not enough hours in the day) but you can find her on LinkedIn or at [email protected] She is passionate about helping start-up businesses navigate the world of copyright, trade marks, patents, terms and conditions and the Australian Consumer Law.


Image courtesy of

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