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The cast of Diary

Excellent horror thriller Tamil movie Diary has been directed by Innasi Pandiyan. Popular Telugu personalities who have been cast in the movie Diary are Arulnithi, Kishore Kumar and V. Jayprakash.

The plot of Diary

The movie Diary is about Sub Inspector Varadhan Annadurai, who has set out on his own journey in order to resolve a case that had been unresolved 16 years ago. However, only did he know that fate had some other instances planned just for him. As he is set out on the path of unraveling the beetroot of the cold and unsolved murder case, he gets to notice several challenges on his path.

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What to expect from Diary

The movie Diary revolves around the life of several personalities; therefore, it is quite interesting to watch for the universe. They are several characters that are introduced throughout the movie to keep the plot interesting and intriguing for the viewers. However, even though there are several links and connections made in the movie, all of them are well-linked to each other in an effective and sensible manner.

This movie Diary is all the more interesting for the viewers to watch as there are several emotional and Supernatural elements that are combined cleverly throughout the movie.

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